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A Canva How-To: Our Submission to Ohne

Period Pouch Design
I'm bleeding, period. - dev. by us submission to Ohne

"Pride is my 2nd favourite P word"

Check out our design submission to Ohne.

Ohne recently hosted a competition seeking a new design for their Pride Pouch. Naturally, we gave it a go.

After a little brainstorm, we got straight to work.

How We Created It

We used PlaceIt and Canva to create this masterpiece!

Our motto is #WorkSmarterNotHarder, we'll explain why shortly.

To start, we created this lovely lady on PlaceIt using a handy human generator.

Next we journeyed to Canva. You should note that we use Canva Pro for Business, so we have access to thousands of elements and Pro tools that are not available on Canva Lite, including this next feature.

We used the Custom Dimension tool to create the layout of the pouch. Ohne were so kind to provide the measurements of the pouch along with the instruction to leave room for our Logos. So we did!

We searched meticulously through Canva's many elements before stumbling across this beauty. After deciding where to place it, we played around colours but decided to stick with

Canva Pro really is great for the small business owner with some design experience. You can establish your brand’s visual identity with logos, colours and fonts across multiple Brand Kits and work on projects with your team members. The 'Resize' tool in Canva Pro is heaven sent!

To complete the design, we added in text. This font certainly packs a punch... and that's exactly what we were going for. Bold and brilliant and just enough.

Our Magnum Opus

And that's how we made it. It took us around 30 minutes of planning and execution.

Remember - we're designers, so we can think up designs pretty fast.

For the women in Tech...

For those of you who don't know Ohne...

Who are Ohne?

Ohne are a progressive company (we love an innovative company!)

They have created organic and sustainable tampons, along with oils to soothe cramps and balance your hormones. Add a subscription service and BOOM! You're featured in Vogue.

If the feature in Vogue wasn't enough to hook you in, the quality of their products will. The women @ dev. by us have tried and tested several products from Ohne and we like!

You should know, every time you buy tampons from Ohne, you are directly supporting SCZ’s terrific efforts to end period poverty for schoolgirls in rural Zambia.

Shop the winning design here!

Also, we've challenged ourselves to enter at least one design competition a month. We challenge you to show off your creativity & enter a competition this week! You do not have to be a painter to paint, and you certainly don't have to be a designer to design. #WorkSmarterNotHarder

We have no further comments *imitates mic drop*.

Have a Wonderful Tuesday!


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It's always a good day to celebrate pride.

We stand with the LGBTQ community, period.


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