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dev. by us awarded Seed Funding from the University of Portsmouth & Santander Students

dev. by us are ecstatic to announce that our agency has been awarded Seed Funding from the University of Portsmouth in partnership with Santander Students.

Rubhan Saravanabavan, Michael Kanayo, and I (Afiya Small), pitched dev. by us to the University's dedicated Startup committee.

They loved the 'Walking Talking' case studies we included within the pitch. Our CP Rubhan explained how dev. by us train and provide paid opportunities to students, and Michael Kanayo (a client of ours that kindly volunteered to contribute to the pitch!) detailed how dev. by us has supported his career development and branding as a musical artist.



More Updates

The Creative Genius Network on YouTube

You may or may not know this already, but dev. by us is launching a YouTube Channel.

We’ve dubbed it The Creative Genius Network, we’ll be sharing How-To’s, Interviews and Challenges led by creatives from all over the UK.

The first How-To set to drop is in partnership with The Weekly Cannon Podcast. #StayTuned


A New Approach

dev. by us - Website Mockup
Our New Look

We've redecorated!

You may have noticed a few changes to our website, that's because we have updated our service offering.

  • As a business, we now solely cater to Startup businesses and brands in early development.

  • As an agency, we now solely provide students and graduates with paid/voluntary opportunities. We teach students the business of design and prepare them for a career in the Creative Sector.

We are #PoweredByStudents.


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Subscribe to The Creative Genius Network, coming soon... April 1st to be precise.

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