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How-To: Creating Distinctive Handmade Cards with Hope For Excel

We are delighted to start this How-To by introducing Olivia Cowell of Hope For Excel (@hopeforexcel)!

Hope For Excel is raising money for the charity Porridge & Rice - more about them below!

How does Olivia do it?

Olivia creates these cards using her old tour books & Photoshop - we are super impressed!


She draws a basic silhouette of a woman to use as a stencil. The stencil is then used to cut out images from her tour books. They really do make a lovely print for the headscarves!


She scans the stencil, retouches the imagery and polishes the design in Photoshop, before printing and adding a subtle, floral sequin to complete the card. Magnifique!

Shop the cards on Etsy - all profits go to charity!

About the Creator

Olivia Cowell is a 23 year old teacher from Bristol. She spent time in Kenya, partaking in charity work with Porridge & Rice.

About the Charity

Porridge and Rice (1155841) is a charity fighting poverty through education, in Nairobi. They are raising money to support a community in Kenya that has been devastated by the Coronavirus outbreak.

The image of the children by the sink shows their 2019 Summer Project, where volunteers designed and implemented a new hand washing station!

You can donate to Porridge & Rice here.

You can purchase Olivia's cards here.

We are super impressed by Olivia's work & will be adding Hope For Excel to our list of causes we fund raise for!

We’re launching our fundraiser ‘shop. with us’ in late September. If you’re a customer of ours, or a small business local to us and would like to fund raise for your business or cause on our site, send us a message or email for more information.

In addition to the fundraiser, we’re also releasing:

1. Discover Your Brand (an e-book) 2. Five in-depth How To’s (visual guides)

3. Templates for your marketing campaigns & a social media calendar (downloadable & customisable)

That’s all from us for today, have a wonderful weekend & we’ll see you on Monday!


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