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How-To: Creating your own Logo with Tamera Templeton AATQB

Our partner, Books By Us Ltd, recently launched a crisp new site (dev. by us - of course!)

In the run up to the launch, we sat down with Tamera Templeton AATQB (our multi-talented, multi-faceted CFO) and picked her brains about the last minute rebrand.

Tamera Templeton AATQB on Books By Us' Logo

So Tamera! Let's discuss the old Books By Us logo and how it came about?

Well, as you know, we'd decided to duplicate your logo (THE DEV.) as part of our brand... but it just didn't work.

At what point did you decide to change the logo?

After some consideration, I decided that the logo wasn't suitable for the business. The style works for dev. by us, but not Books By Us.

I put myself into the shoes of my customers, and from the outside looking in, you couldn't tell what Books By Us was, nor what we did.

How did you design the new logo?

On Canva! I used Canva and had a play around with the logo maker. It only took me a few minutes to create this logo and I love it. It's professional, simplistic, and includes our tagline, "Bookkeeping Made Easy". Very nice touch.

I got carried away and upgraded to Canva Pro for the additional elements, but I've been using it to share my social media posts as well.

What actions did you take to test the logo out?

Before I announced the rebrand, I asked people I know in different industries for their feedback. Everyone loved it.

The glow up is evident. Visit to see it in all it's glory.

To Summarise...

'That' Old Logo

The old logo didn't enforce the right message. The style works for us, but Books By Us is not a Creative, tech related Agency, it's a Bookkeeping Consultancy!

The Doubt That Followed

If you're doubtful about your logo, or question it's appeal often - change it. Fortunately for Tamera, her business hasn't yet launched and the website was still under construction, so she had plenty of wiggle room and the switchover was seamless.

Overcoming: Sticking to your gut feeling

Intuition isn't something to ignore, you can apply this to many aspects of your life. Tamera wasn't keen on the logo from the offset and she stuck with her guns.


It's always wise to ask for feedback, especially where your Logo in concerned.

If you've been trading with your logo for a while and are not sure how you feel about, you are not stuck - you actually have several routes to venture down.

  1. - Just as Tamera has learned, Canva is an essential tool for small business owners that are responsible for marketing and social media. Tamera was able to create a brand new logo to suit her business using Canva's logo maker. Design faster, with smarter editing features & access to millions of Premium Images on Canva Pro.

  2. Hire a Graphic Designer - Hire a Graphic Designer to rework your existing logo. Our Graphic Designers can take a logo and create countless variations, each with a modern and unique twist. In Graphic Designers we trust.

These options are safe and not at all time consuming. On the cheaper side you have Canva Pro. Your monthly subscription includes access to thousands of elements and millions of stock photos. Graphic Designers cost more, that's a given. But Graphic Designers are experienced designers, with a portfolio of work and an entirely different mindset and approach.

Our Logo design packages start from £99. Book a free, 30 minute discovery call with us today for more details about our logo packages - from the experts themselves.

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