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How-To: Cultivating a Digital Persona for a New Venture

A digital persona is the voice of your communications.

A digital persona is specifically developed to characterise and humanise key traits of your target audience/demographic. This includes your audience's needs, motivations, tech-savviness and additional factors that may impact how they later interact with your marketing communications.

First, let's define the Personas:

Buyer Persona - a profile, outlining the traits and motivations of your ideal customer. We use these personas to create content that will appeal to the target audience in question.

Digital Persona - the voice of your communications, the way in which you communicate with your audience and deliver communications.

The Benefits

Personas can help you decide:

  • What type of marketing content to produce

  • Which media outlets to target

  • What elements to include or exclude from your sales process

  • What products or services you should develop

  • Who to target with Facebook ads and paid advertising.

Developing a persona can assist in building meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Creating a Digital Persona for Your Venture

Before creating a digital persona for your venture, you first need to determine who your audience is, and then develop an understanding of their interests, values and habits.

You could do this by testing the waters, but a little bit of research can go a long way.

First, create a buyer persona. Use this persona to narrow down your competitors and create a list of the companies that are excelling.

Next, put yourself into the shoes of your ideal buyer and visit your competitors social media profiles. Ask yourself the following:

Questions To Ask

How appropriate is their use of language?

Do they speak to their customers or do they speak at their customers?

Are the styling options engaging?

How frequently are they posting?

Are they posting a varied range of content, or static posts?

Are they using one social channel, or multiple?

Determine which of your competitors have the highest level of engagement, as they are likely to have a good relationship with their customers.

You may not be able to view their analytics, but you can check for comments, likes and post shares. Note down their use of language and styling choices.

Once you have chosen your 'Gold Standard' of digital personas, you can then emulate their voice, in a way that reflects your own venture and your values.


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