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we're LIVE! | New News

dev. by us is LIVE and we are so ready to get to work.

After a painstakingly intense few months, we are here. We'd like to welcome all of our clients, collaborators and partners to our brand new home.

To the newbies... hey! Have you met our team yet? We've selected the brightest, most innovative graphic designers & creators we could find to produce your content. You wont be disappointed.

We're rolling out a heap of new branding and content packages in the next few weeks so please keep an eye out! Join dev. club at the bottom of this page and we'll let you know when they land.

Our New Normal

Our post Covid-19 outlook is bright! Sunny days are ahead in the creative industries...

From the announcement of an unprecedented £1.57 billion package to protect the UK’s creative & cultural industries, to the launch of our new site, there's a lot to be excited about.

As expected, our Face to Face meetings have gone digital. This means that when we consult you, it'll be via Zoom. This also means that for the time being, we will not be able to host a grand unveiling of your magnum opus (new website) - or at least not in person...


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A Message from the Director of Books By Us Ltd.

Books By Us is coming... and sooner than you think! We provide Bookkeeping, Financial Accounting, Admin and Payroll services for small to medium sized businesses.

Think of Us as your financial bit on the side! We know how tricky it is to manage finances alongside your entire business, just ask the director at dev. by us...

It's hard! But with Us, it's simple. We handle all of your Bookkeeping (yes, that includes all of your Taxes too) and Admin at a VERY affordable rate. Just. Like. Clockwork. And all under one monthly subscription.

Interested in our services? Email us directly on

Check Us Out (coming soon)

@booksbyusltd - follow us on Instagram


Tamera Templeton, Director @ Books By Us Ltd

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