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Shop With Us: A Fundraiser for Local Businesses

Have you been paying attention?

We're inviting Local Businesses to join Shop With Us, an online pop-up store and fundraiser for local businesses in Portsmouth.

Times really are tough.

With new safety measures & restrictions around the corner, creating a new stream of income to supplement your losses may prove a valuable avenue worth exploring.

We're here to guide the way!

We are launching a dynamic pop-up store on our site.

This pop-up will allow local, service-based businesses (such as yourselves) to work with design experts (us) and fund raise capital for your business.

Shop With Us

Shop With Us is launching on the 1st of November and we are super excited!

Our designers have been hard at work, teaming up with startup brands & local businesses to create the ultimate fundraiser with a juicy twist.

You've seen the dev. tee on your feed... get ready to see expertly designed merchandise x your favourite local business!

Interested in getting involved?

Are you a local business owner or freelancer in Portsmouth? Would you like to create some awesome merch and raise capital for your business? If we told you that there were ZERO upfront costs and fees?

We knew you couldn't resist our charming ways!

Drop us a line, email us on and we'll send you a Merch Pack.

Please note

Shop With Us is a fund raising service for service-based businesses.

Contact us to find out if you're eligible. Check your Merch Pack for full details and instructions. Your Merch Pack includes a donation breakdown, please complete this if you wish to sell your merch on Shop With Us @

dev. by us Ltd are responsible for the processing of all payments and orders.


  • Please send artwork files over to us before the 21st of October.

  • Shop With Us is launching on the 1st of November. 

  • Shop With Us will close on the 31st of December.

Let's GO!


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